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This is a default IPT hosted by Yugra State University Biological Collection (YSU BC)

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  • description = The reference specimen collection of Yugra State University currently stores about 5000 specimens of fungi, mosses, hepatics and vascular plants. It was initially based on private collections of several researchers working on biodiversity assessment in Western Siberia. In 2015 the major part of collection was imported to the database management system Specify. The collection is registered in Index Herbariorum since 2016. Main goal of the YSU Biological Collection (YSU BC) is to accumulate biological collections and manage associated biodiversity information in the Khanty-Mansiyskiy Autonomous okrug – Yugra. For that purpose, we are developing conditions for physical storage of samples, facilitating their scientific analysis, and applying computer technologies for storage, analysis and distribution of biodiversity data. We encourage researchers working in the area to share their biological collections with YSU BC. A rule for the visitors of YSU Mukhrino field station was set since 2016 to share their collected material with the host university.
  • name = Yugra State University Biological Collection (YSU BC)
  • alias = Yugra State University Biological Collection (YSU BC)
  • homepageURL = [https://mukhrinostation.com/research/ysu-bc/]
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  • primaryContactName = Nina Filippova
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  • primaryContactEmail = filippova.courlee.nina@gmail.com
  • primaryContactPhone = +7-9527057846
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